Self DiscoveryWhat Is A Soul Spark?

It's different than the person we may have become because of circumstances, life experiences, thoughts, habits, limiting belief systems, or the things the world tells us we are supposed to be. I believe that beyond our circumstances and experiences, beyond any roles we have played in any lifetime, and beyond any person we may have been or think we are at any moment, we have a truth of who we are at the deepest, purest, energetic level… a core essence that is our soul spark. I believe that that soul spark is who God created us to be, and that the reason we are here is to remember, embrace, embody in form, radiate, and expand upon the most beautiful version of that essence for eternity. To me, that's the purpose of existence. Not to struggle, problem solve and work out issues, survive, and then die… but to become our most pure and beautiful essence, and celebrate it with other amazing beings of beauty and light.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time.”

– T.S. Eliot

Remembering Your Soul Spark

Remembering Your SoulI describe it as “remembering” because I believe our soul spark is who we already are, and the things that keep us from fully being that truth are just layers of illusion that we are meant to shed. We can spend our lives trying to solve puzzles of fear, pain, darkness, and limitation, but when you come to a place where there is just no way to find clarity in any of it, that's when you can begin to just let go of everything that you are not, and seek who you are. I believe that our soul spark calls to us our entire journey. It's energy we feel inside of us, or energy we are drawn to around us that feels like it reflects our soul back to us. Things that feel inspiring, beautiful, freeing, unlimited, authentic… things that feel like magic, love, home… the things that just make you feel so incredibly and undeniably you, and like all of the things you dream to be. For me, remembering happens by feeling and following those kinds of energies, honoring them, and allowing myself to be filled with them.

It's About Feeling

On my journey of self discovery I've tried all sorts of intentional processes of self-help, trying to fix myself, trying to heal myself, trying to follow some program to manifest, change, or control my reality… and as hard as I have tried to “create the life I want”, no amount of trying to work with the mind, or trying to control or “effort” things, has ever set me free. Life has finally surrendered me to a place where I am learning to let myself trust that the person I dream to be, is already the truth of who I am, so it's not about effort or pushing or mental manifestation… it's about being willing to release everything that is not me as it's ready to be released, and allowing the truth of my soul spark to flow into me as it's meant to unfold. All I really need to do, is be patient, be open, be trusting, and feel.

How To Feel Your Soul Spark

I believe that how each of us remembers our soul spark will be unique to our soul. My journey has become a journey of baby steps. A few steps of letting go of who I am not, then a few steps of remembering my truth, then a few more steps of letting go, and a few more steps of remembering, and so on. Some days I feel so stuck in everything I don't want to be or experience, some days I feel full of hope and connection to my soul, and some days I feel lost in a weird void of neither. I try to just stay in the moment and allow myself to be wherever I'm at and trust that it's perfectly where I need to be. While I believe that the way each of us remembers our soul spark will be unique, I can share with you some of the things I do to help myself let go of who I am not, and some things I do to feel my soul spark:

  • I let myself put down problems, without finding a solution. If it loops me in circles in my head, and leaves me unable to find clarity, I just surrender it to the universe and let the uncertainty of it be ok.
  • If it doesn't feel good and right to my soul, I decide it's not my truth, and that it doesn't have to be. Even if it's surrounding me in my reality and has mountains of evidence to make it seem real, I trust that it's temporary, that it will pass, and I allow the universe to shift it for the highest good, however that's meant to happen.
  • I walk in nature, breathe in the air, feel the sun shining on me, and let myself just feel peaceful and alive without over thinking or trying to do too much.
  • I take in inspiration such as quotes and poetry, creative words that open my heart to the dreams of my soul.
  • I find little ways to honor the energy I feel inside of me through photos, music, movies, or whatever else that resonates with my soul essence.
  • Instead of trying to look to things in my external world to define me, I listen to what feels right within me and then I use the material world to celebrate or decorate my soul spark energy.
  • I listen to the things that my soul aches for, the wishes I feel myself continually wish for, and the dreams that I can't get out of my heart, and no matter how impossible any of those things may seem, I let myself ache for them, wish for them, and dream of them. I believe that the aching and wishing and dreaming is our soul spark calling to us to remember our truth, so I put down the need to judge those desires or figure out how to make them real, and I just let myself feel them with all of my heart.

Visual Inspiration

Photos help me connect to the things I feel inside of me that I want to embody as my truth. I love to collect photos that capture the energy of the person I dream to be and the life I want to live, and I put them together either in collages on my computer, or on a Profile. For me it's not about mental manifestation or controlling anything, it's just about feeling good, and surrounding myself with the energy of things that help me feel my soul's energy.

You can create photo collages on your computer with Photo Editing Software »Photo Editing Software

You can start your own photo inspiration profile on »

Music Inspiration

I make playlists of songs that inspire me, songs that make me feel, and songs that connect me to my “me-ness”.

You can create your own playlists by downloading songs on iTunes »

Explore Your Soul's Energy

One thing I like to do to is explore my soul's energy by writing out words that describe energy I already feel in my soul about who I am, or words that describe energy that I want to embody in my spirit. I feel like it's a way to give love to things that I can already appreciate and recognize as good within myself, and a way to seek the most beautiful and authentic version of who I want to be. You can find writing journals HERE if you want to try this too.

What I share here is just for inspiration, so whatever you write doesn't have to look anything like what I share. Write whatever you feel in your own soul's energy, and whatever it is that you dream to be.

  • Sweet
  • Feminine
  • Beautiful
  • Healthy
  • Kind
  • Compassionate
  • Friendly
  • Patient
  • Genuine
  • Positive
  • Inspiring
  • Spiritual
  • Open minded & open hearted
  • Free spirited
  • Independent
  • Confident
  • Comfortable in my skin
  • Creative
  • Adventurous
  • Fun
  • Spontaneous
  • Spirited & youthful
  • Forever young
  • Silly
  • Curious
  • Follower of my heart
  • Passionate
  • Affectionate
  • Romantic
  • Playful
  • Honest
  • Respectful
  • Faithful
  • Trustworthy
  • Full of light
  • I honor my truth