Trust Your HeartHelp For Trusting Your Heart

The twin flame journey can be filled with so much confusion and at times can feel like complete darkness is all around. I hope if there is anything you take in at all from this website, it's some sort of hope, inspiration, or help in trusting your heart. I'm on this journey just like you, so I wanted to share some of the things I do to trust my own heart.

“Be gentle with yourself, you are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars.”

– Max Ehrmann

Trust Your HeartBe Gentle With Yourself

The twin flame journey isn't easy… so I just remind myself that I'm doing the best I can. When I'm faced with fear and the things it manifests in my experience, it's easy to feel as if I'm doing something wrong. I can get overwhelmed with feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness, and even start to think that I have done something to not deserve the love I dream of. In those moments I remind myself who I really am, and what it is that I truly want. I'm a good soul, and I want true love. Why would I be wrong for wanting true love? That's pure, that's authentic, that's goodness! If my heart is in the right place… how could I ever not be in the right place? Fear may not be gentle with me, but I can be.

Be Patient, With Everything

If I'm not yet the person I want to be, living the life I wish to live, experiencing the love I dream of, then it doesn't mean I won't ever be, it just means I'm not there yet. And that's ok. There is divine timing in everything, so I'm blossoming perfectly as I'm meant to, and my experiences are unfolding just as they are destined to.

Allow Yourself To Fall Apart

I go through times where I completely lose faith in everything I've ever had faith in. In those moments I allow myself to fall apart. I let myself think whatever I'm thinking, feel whatever I'm feeling, and even if what I think or feel is not so pretty, I just let myself authentically be. It can feel like giving up, but really, it's just surrender… and I think surrender is good. It shifts my energy from a place where I feel like I need to control everything and be responsible for everyone, to a place where I can just give everything to the universe and allow myself to trust that no matter how things may seem, I'm always guided, protected, and right where I'm meant to be.

“That thing we call intuition, it's your soul,
you can trust it.”

– Unknown

Trust Your Inner Voice

I feel like the hardest times to have faith are the times when I feel disconnected from my inner voice. I was in one of those times once where I felt not only completely disconnected from my intuition, but I even felt as if my inner guidance had mislead me, I felt like I couldn't trust my own soul… and during that time someone said this to me, “Whatever voice inside gives you the most peace, and whatever you hear that makes you feel loved, listen to that”. I feel like it's one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever said to me. Ever since then, when I go within for guidance, I let myself ignore anything and everything that comes from a place of fear, and I let myself trust that there is always the voice of love inside of me, and it's ok to trust that voice.

Honor Your Spiritual TruthLet Go Of Your Head

The mind is noisy, complicated, and on an endless mission to “problem solve”. It creates illusions of suffering that your human self thinks you have to overcome. It will repeatedly put stories of fear and pain in front of you and present them as your “reality”. It will make those things feel so tangible and all consuming, and then provide layers of evidence that make it seem impossible to believe in anything else. When this happens, I can find myself caught up in torture filled spirals of desperately seeking answers and solutions, and then I remember the only answers is this… if it isn't love, it isn't real. And despite what my head wants me to believe, there are no solutions to those problems, only layers and layers of illusions to get lost in. In those moments, the only thing I need to do is let go of everything in my head, and just let my heart feel. That's it.

Honor Your Spiritual Truth

I grew up in strict religion, and in religion people such as pastors, ministers, priests, etc. are put in a position of authority over your connection to God. From the time I was little, I was told what my spiritual truth was by other people. As I got older I began to see how these people were no closer to God than I am, and began to feel that religion was really more about ego and control than it was about God or love. I also started to see just how much of what I was told I was supposed to believe, didn't resonate with what I felt in my own soul. I eventually realized I was allowed to seek my own truth and began exploring spirituality outside of religion.

I've taken in so many new ideas that have opened me up to so many beautiful things, but even as I found freedom through new ideas, I still carried the habit of looking for someone else to be in a position of authority over my connection to God. So even when my spiritual beliefs opened up, I still looked for someone else to tell me what those beliefs were allowed to be. There are beautiful souls and spiritual people who I have been inspired by on my journey, however, many of these people are still wrapped up in karmic relationships based on limitation, struggle and pain, and they don't have a connection to the twin flame journey. This usually means that their views of love feel incredibly limited for me, but also, my twin flame journey is one with my spiritual journey, and so when someone's ideas of love relationships feel limited to me, their beliefs about all spirituality in general, often do to. And this is the barrier I think we all run into when we seek answers from others… any spiritual guidance another person can offer us will always be limited by their own experience. But it's also been a blessing for me because I realize more and more that no matter how spiritual, or educated, or anything else someone else is, the things that are most true for me will always come from within. And each time that I have looked for answers outside of myself and haven't found them, it's actually inspired me to trust my own heart even more.

Your spiritual journey is just that… yours. Your twin flame journey is just that… yours.  As you travel this path, listen to your heart above all other guidance, and honor it. Honor what is in your soul about love, about life, about spirituality, about God, about everything.

“Your heart is being prepared for the heart
that is being prepared for your heart.”

– Trust Your Hearts

Trust The Process

I believe that the twin flame journey is exactly the way it is, because the way that it is, is the path that will bring me the most beautiful, most amazing, and most pure form of love that I could ever dream of. And I believe it's the self-love journey that it's taking me through that makes that love possible. So while I may struggle with the process, I try to always come back to a place where I remember that not only is this journey bringing the most beautiful version of my twin flame to me, it's bringing me to the most beautiful version of myself, and no matter what I go through, I also know I wouldn't want it any other way. I want true love, and I know that my twin flame needs to remember and become their truth, and that I need to remember and become my truth, for us to find that.