The Twin Flame CallingI Believe That What's True Is Unique For Each Of Us

I feel like I must share before anything else that I believe that everyone's description of twin flames or soulmates will always be colored by their own personal beliefs, experiences, limitations, and desires. There is no one else who can tell you what is true for you. All I can do is share with you what I feel in my own heart. If something I share resonates with you, then embrace it. If something I share doesn't feel true for you, then simply let it go. And I hope that you continue to seek on your own what else speaks to you, and that you always look within and honor what's inside your own heart as your truth.

What Are Twin Flames?

I believe that twin flames are two souls who are perfectly created with and for each other so that the most beautiful truth of Source and love energy can be given, received, fully felt, explored, and celebrated through their connection as it's reflected back and forth in such a way that is sacredly intimate and infinitely expansive all at once. I believe twin flames are energetically, divinely, and eternally connected, and that that connection is felt in their souls no matter any time, space, distance, or separation between them, and that when they each rise into their true selves, and together into their union of true love, it's the closest and the most free two souls can be. I believe that our twin is perfect for us in every way, and that we will without fail find our way home to each other in spite of any illusion of separation we experience.

Twin flames are often described as one soul split into two halves. While I do know what it is to feel an unbearable pain of separation, and an endless longing for my twin's energy that can be compared to the feeling that half of my is soul missing, I feel twin flames as two individual soul sparks who are created from the very same breath of God. (Please know that whenever I use the word “God”, it is without any religious attachment, so use Higher Power, Source, The Universe, Love, or whatever speaks to your own heart.) So I imagine it as if God created one soul energy, and from that one energy created two souls who both carry that original soul energy in their individual soul sparks. So they are each their own, yet divinely interconnected to their very core. This idea of two souls feels right for me because my heart feels called to a love in which both souls are whole and complete within themselves so that they can share the destiny of whole and perfect love with and through each other, rather than seeking to complete, fix, or fill an emptiness within each other. And so I believe the unimaginable separation twin flames feel when they are seemingly apart is not because they are incomplete without each other, but because they feel the force of the entire universe pulling them together to experience the unparalleled beauty and love their two souls reflect back to each other, and that with and through each other is where the most beautiful truth of each soul is realized.

“I have found the One whom my soul loves.”

– Song of Solomon 3:4

What Is The Twin Flame Calling?

I believe that the twin flame calling is three calls all in one… a call to your twin soul to unite in love, a call to your own soul to remember your soul spark, and a call to return home to Source. In the connection with your twin soul, I believe the call is for both souls to break free from the limitations of what humans have called “love”, and to create new kinds of love that go beyond anything this world has ever experienced. In the call to your own soul I believe the call is to discover the most beautiful truth of who you are through self-love. And then it is through answering those first two calls that the call to return home to Source is answered.

What Are The Signs Of The Twin Flame Connection?

I don't believe that any list of signs and symptoms or any one description of twin flames will make sense for everyone. I truly feel that the twin flame journey is different and unique for every single soul, and that the connection is different and unique for each and every twin connection. And I feel like that's an extremely important and beautiful part of it all! I believe that twin flames are meant to break through the myth humans have played out for so long that says that to experience love with another we need to compromise our individual essence, or sacrifice who want to be, so that we can force ourselves to fit into a predefined generic role in a universally dictated storyline we all have to fall in line with and repeat over and over. In fact I believe it's perfectly the opposite… that in true love, each soul fully steps into and honors the most complete from within and beautiful version of their individual essence, and then the two souls create and experience a love between them that is uniquely designed to embrace the wholeness and beauty of each of their specific souls.

If you've made your way here, you're already feeling a connection to your twin in some way, and no list of signs anyone else can give you can really ever completely confirm what you feel… you have to listen to your own heart to know what's true for you. And I also hope that you never let someone else's description of the twin flame connection discourage you or cause you to doubt what you feel inside. I feel like that's another beautifully important part of the twin flame experience… to fully learn to tune into and listen to the voice inside of you. I believe the voice inside of you that brings you the most peace is your own heart, your twin, and the voice of God, all guiding your way.

“i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)…”

– E.E. Cummings

My Twin Flame Journey

While I don't feel that there is a universal list of signs that will apply to everyone, or one specific way to describe how all twin flame journeys will look, I can share with you things I have felt and experienced on my own twin flame journey, in case they may give you comfort that you're not alone in the kinds of things your journey has taken you through…

  • I have felt a calling in my heart since I was little to a love that I've never seen anywhere in this world.
  • I've felt an intense connection to another specific soul energy with me in my heart, around me in my space, within different experiences, inside of different people in my life… and even through what I can only describe as in different dimensions. So the best way I can explain is that I believe I have experienced this specific soul in the physical world without restriction to one specific person, and have experienced that same specific soul in ethereal and spirituals worlds.
  • At times I've felt so close to this soul energy that it feels like it's the only thing that's real, and at other times I've felt so completely disconnected from the energy that it feels like it was never real.
  • I've encountered “angels and devils” within the very same people and experiences with such a contrast between the dark and the light energy that no amount of personality disorder, or manipulation from another person, or me misunderstanding the situation could ever account for what is happening.
  • I've been through things that can't be explained no matter how hard I try to find an explanation, so I have had to repeatedly let go of logic, reason, the need for clarity, and surrender myself to what I cannot understand… over and over.
  • I've seen things I hope for that seem impossible unfold around me, as if a wish I make instantly comes true. I have also seen fears that seem directly pulled from my mind unfold around me in an instant.
  • I've had to let it be ok that nothing in my life, my world, or my universe seems to be ok.
  • I've had to trust in what I dream of in the face of every bit of my reality telling me there is nothing to trust in.
  • I've had to choose faith over fear and heart over head pretty much every single day, and sometimes in every single moment.
  • I've had to repeatedly let go of limitation and open my heart to ideas and scenarios that seem completely impossible.
  • I've had to love myself through the lowest lows of unworthiness, to believe in hope when all is hopeless, and to trust my heart through the darkest depths of existence.
  • Like many others who feel the twin flame calling, my soul was given a path in this life where I was surrounded by incredibly unhealthy relationships and abusive energies, drastic imbalances in masculine and feminine energies, and lower dimensional religious and spiritual concepts. Breaking through the beliefs I picked up along the way about relationships, about masculine and feminine energies, about spirituality and God, and about myself… as well as letting go of all of those “stories” as being my reality, has been a huge part of my twin flame journey.
  • I have had what feels like my twin flame's soul come to me in what I can only describe as dream-like states. In these states I am awake and within my body, but I feel as if I'm in another world. In these moments, my twin's soul “speaks” to me, yet I hear it not as a sound, but as a “knowing”. Of course I feel like I'm making these experiences up in my head, but at the same time I also have a calm sureness in me that it's really happening.
  • I talk to angels for comfort, and in moments I truly feel like I “hear” them or get signs of guidance from them. I have had what feel like messages from angels come to me in meditative type states, and in them I am shown things that seem like stories or concepts of higher love, twin flame unions, and divine masculine and feminine energy. They have all felt really beautiful and like visions of the kind of love my soul dreams of.
  • At times on this journey, I've felt as if I've been surrounded by beautiful signs everywhere that show me how real the twin flame connection is, and at other times I've felt surrounded by evidence everywhere that causes me to question everything I believe.
  • I can't find it in me to take in any kind of spirituality that focuses on the mind and thoughts, but instead I feel myself totally drawn to things of the heart that flow and just feel right naturally. Spirituality in general, and even my soul's own journey, no longer make sense without the twin flame connection and the energy of the heart guiding it.
  • I have always felt like this entire world is far too heavy and dark for my spirit, and things I have been through on my twin flame journey have made this world completely unbearable at times. I feel like this is a big part of my own twin flame journey in that it's made staying stuck in lower energy and staying stuck in my illusions so vividly painful that I am driven to keep going… to keep going higher, to keep looking inside of myself for the most beautiful version of who I am, and to keep seeking a more beautiful truth of love and life.

“Whatever happens, remember that I will love you forever,
even if my spirit is dispersed and my consciousness released to the universe…
whatever is left of me will never stop loving you.”

– Amy Plum, If I Should Die

What About The Darkness?

What Are Twin Flames?Whether it's the experience of their twin soul in a person who has hurt them deeply, the experience of losing their twin all together, a scenario playing out in their life that they cannot find peace from, or an all encompassing dark night of the soul, I think most who are on the twin flame journey have been through unbearable darkness and pain at some point… or even many points. After much searching to find a way to understand these experiences, I have found that every bit of analyzing with the mind and contemplating with a need for linear understanding of what I have been through or am going through in my twin flame connection, always leads to more pain and confusion. There is plenty of twin flame information that breaks these experiences down into behavior patterns of twins, or phases of the twin flame journey, or twin flame dynamics, and while at times I did find explanations I related to in that kind of information, the one thing I never found was peace. So every time I have reached what feels like an understanding of what is happening in my twin connection, it's been a temporary comfort that always fades, and I've ended up back in confusion.

So what do I believe about these dark experiences? I believe that every dark or painful experience is ultimately a manifestation of fear, and the only answer for any and every experience of fear… is to choose love.

I believe that all of the dark experiences are layers of illusions, and the more I look for reasons or lessons or explanations and try to figure out the those illusions, the more layers of illusions I create, the more I stay trapped in the illusions, and the more I feel separated from my truth, and separated from love. So for me, the only real answer to any of these experiences is to trust that since they are illusions, they are temporary and will all eventually fade from existence, let go of the need to understand them, and trust my way to love. As simple and as explanation-less as that may seem for the most incredibly complicated things I've ever experienced, it's the only understanding that brings me to a place of peace. It doesn't bring me clarity… but it takes me off of the hopeless merry-go-round of trying to understand what cannot be understood. So when it comes to the dark experiences, I repeatedly have to choose to put down the details or need for explanations, let go of what appears to be reality, surrender to the idea that only love is real, and trust that love will unfold through me and around me the way it's perfectly meant to.

I've pretty much come to a place where I believe that that's the purpose of every dark experience on the twin flame journey… to teach us to let go of the need for understanding with the mind, and believe in love no matter what. To move from the head and into the heart, over and over and over, until the heart becomes home, and all fear is dissolved by love.

And I guess I've also come to a place where I believe that the reason twin flames come to earth to go through the human experience at all, is to help dissolve separation and fear into love by making it possible for the individual heart to have the power to choose, to create, and to share the most beautiful experiences of love from within their own soul.

“All this time, I believed with all I am that I would find you.”

– Tyler Knott Gregson

What Does It Mean To Choose Love?

It's a choice you make over and over within your heart. Whether it's a thought you're having in your head, an experience you're seeing in your life, or a fear that's consuming your entire universe, you allow your heart to believe in love no matter what you think or see or seem to experiencing. No matter what, you allow yourself to let the love your heart desires be the only thing that's real. What that tangibly means will be different for each and every one of us. For me choosing love means to love myself the best I can no matter what I am thinking or feeling or going through. And also to do my best to surrender all of the fear, the confusion, the pain, and everything else to the universe, and to trust love to be beautifully real in spite of any “reality”, and to trust it to unfold however and whenever that is meant to be.

I have always felt these kinds of things in my heart, but I have also found such inspiration to follow them from the “Say Yes To Love” book series. If any of it feels right to your heart, please visit the link below…

Say Yes To Love »

What Does The New Love Twin Flames Create Look Like?

I so passionately believe that each and every twin flame connection is meant to have the freedom to create their very own unique experiences of love that honor the dreams of the souls within the connection. I couldn't ever feel like it makes sense to describe “what twin flame love looks like”, I can only share with you the kind of love I dream of in my own heart. Follow the link below to the “Higher love” page where I share what my own heart dreams of…

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