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“Say Yes To Love” Book Series

The “Say Yes To Love” series is a series of books from Yael and Doug Powell, a twin flame couple who have received what they feel are messages from God about twin flames, soulmates, sacred relationships, and the beautiful love they believe we can experience. Out of all of the stories and books and websites and other information I've searched through, these have been the most inspiring ideas I have come across, and reading their words is the closest I have come to finding someone else speak out loud the kinds of beautiful things I feel in my own heart. These books are not for those who are seeking logic, structure, or information that fits “inside the box”. They are however perfect for those who have felt and experienced things that defy logic and reason, and who are seeking inspiration through these things. These books have opened my heart and given me courage, so I offer them to anyone else with an open heart too.

“Magic moment within magic moment. Beauty unfolding into beauty.
I have wonders in store for you. I have life for you to live,
filled with a richness of spirit, a depth of soul, a joy and awareness beyond your dreams. But in order to have all that I want to give to you,
you must trust the reality of Love.”

– Say Yes To Love

Say Yes To LoveSay Yes to Love: God Explains Soulmates

Say Yes to Love: God Explains Soulmates

I don't remember how I stumbled upon this book, but it came to me at a time when so much fear was surrounding me in my world, and I needed faith and guidance like never before in my life. As I took in the words on the pages I was overwhelmed with tears, with hope, with love surrounding me, and with so much amazement because it was the first time in my life I had ever seen the very things I feel in my own heart, put into words. I felt like I was reading someone finally perfectly explain the mess of confusion and feelings and experiences and wishes inside of me that I had spent my entire journey trying to understand. Here were all of the impossible things I've thought and felt about love and about life, so beautifully captured as the truth I can believe in.

If you are searching for a way to understand relationships, soulmates, twin flames, and love in an incredibly beautiful, spiritual, and hopeful way, I recommend this book with all of my heart. Not only has it brought me comfort in times of fear, it's inspired me to believe in the love I dream of, to honor that love as my truth, and to have faith that it is the love I will forever experience with my twin flame.

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“Dear ones, sexuality is a sacred gift – the true union of
Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.”

– God Unveils Soulmate Love and Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality BookSay Yes to Love: God Unveils Soulmate Love and Sacred Sexuality

Say Yes to Love: God Unveils Soulmate Love and Sacred Sexuality

For as long as I can remember being aware of sexual intimacy, the way that humans have played out sexuality has just never felt right to me. There is so much unhealthy sexuality in the world where people act out pain and emptiness, but even sexuality that people consider healthy has never felt right for me. I still see it as such an empty physical, habitual, and magic-less experience people take part in, and it just doesn't feel anywhere close to what I feel called to experience. There are things I have seen and experienced in my human journey that used to make me believe that my discomfort with human sexuality was something wrong inside of me that I needed to change so that I could be like everyone else, but as I have opened my heart to the twin flame journey, I have realized that it's perfectly the opposite. I have come to understand that the discomfort I feel from the way sexuality has been played out by humans is actually my soul calling me to look deeper, to go higher, and to discover much more beautiful truths about sexuality and what intimacy is meant to be.

I believe that sexual intimacy is a divine energetic experience that is a gift God gives soulmates as a way to feel incredible love and magic beyond our dreams, through the merging of our physical and spiritual bodies, and that we are meant to feel this incredible magic in every touch, every kiss, every moment, every experience we have, and for forever.  And yes, I truly believe that in the most literal way it can be taken… beyond our dreams, in every moment of every experience, and for forever.

If you feel called to seek higher sexuality and intimacy, I share this book with you as inspiration for your heart.

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“Beloved ones, the biggest thing for you to carry away with you is the knowledge of choice for ecstasy. Each decision to experience ecstasy, to live in joy, to acknowledge the truth of Love’s blossoming, Love’s grand explosion, is to align yourselves with the truth of Love and SoulMates.”

– Eternal Twin Flame Love

Twin Flames Soulmates StoryEternal Twin Flame Love: The Story of ShannaPra

Eternal Twin Flame Love: The Story of ShannaPra

My own experiences with relationships, love, and life in general have been filled with things that throw out all logic or reason, that don't make sense in linear and physical realities, and can't be explained by what is considered normal or possible in human relationships. So when I read “Eternal Twin Flame Love: The Story of ShannaPra” my heart felt so much comfort in reading the story of someone else who has had these kinds of experiences, and who understands the kinds of things I feel inside.

While my own specific experiences are different than Shanna's specific experiences, the way she has experienced things that go beyond typical human stories gives me a little more courage to trust my heart, to trust my twin flame connection, and to allow my love story to unfold in the unique way that it's destined to unfold. If you have struggled with trusting your twin flame connection, or with trusting your experiences on your journey, this book may too bring comfort and courage to your heart.

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