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My whole life I have looked at the world, and at human relationships, and felt confused by the things the word “love” is used to describe. I've always desired such beautiful things that are so different, and so far beyond anything I've seen, and the desire for those beautiful things comes from deep within my being. What I share here are the messages in my soul of what I dream of when I dream of love. I share these things for myself to let go of the world's limitations and bring my own dreams into the light, and I share them to inspire others to feel brave enough to let go of limitations and bring their own unique dreams of love into the light too.  If what I share speaks to you, then I hope it brings you faith and inspiration. If anything doesn't speak to you, please listen to your own soul and seek out what your soul's messages of love are. Listen to the things you ache for, the things that bring you peace, the things that light you up and excite you, the things that feel right and true and like home… and honor those things.

What Is Higher Love?

I believe that Higher Love is when true and complete self-love, the brilliance and perfection of God's love, and true love with your soulmate are all realized and embraced in one.

If it's not making you better, it isn't love.
True love makes you more of who you are, not less

Mandy Hale

In True Love, You Are Loved

So many people accept, and even fight for, the idea that love relationships must contain pain and limitation. They believe that conflict, struggle, and suffering are inevitable, and even the things that make us grow.  They also believe that love is compromise, self-sacrifice, and requires deluding your individual spirit to love and be loved. Relationships created from these kinds beliefs are experiences that people must endure, survive, and work at being happy in. And more often than not, rather than making people better, these relationships wear people down, and bury them in the energy of all of the things they are not. But as heartbreaking as this is, and as unhappy and unfulfilled as people are, so many people still strongly believe that suffering and loss of self are one with of the experience of “love”.

Soulmate Love, Higher Love, Sacred SexualityI've spent most of my life scratching my head at these ideas and questioning myself because I couldn't make sense of any of it, but as I grow into my own soul and search deeper for my own truth, I no longer feel fear to speak my heart that for me, this whole way of viewing love is without any doubt… anything but love. If you are experiencing conflict, struggle, pain, and suffering, you are not experiencing love, you are experiencing the absence of it. And if you are compromising, sacrificing, or deluding your individual spirit, you are not being loved for who you are, because you are not truly being who you are, so love for who you are is being withheld from you.

When you step into true love, love will never hurt you, take from you, or hold you back. You will share every beautiful thing you can dream of, without limitation, and you will grow and become better because you are surrounded by and showered with love, not because you suffer or struggle. And when you step into true love, you will be the most beautiful and most you-est you you could ever dream of being, and you will be loved, cherished, adored, honored, and appreciated for it… without pain, without fear, without suffering, without question… always… forever.

Everything Is Sacred And Magical

Higher Love leaves all of your karmic patterns, your fears, your illusions, your limitations, your negative beliefs, and any lower energy ways of being behind. In true love, everything becomes a sacred gift and seeks to be the most beautiful energy possible, so when you choose true love, the experiences of romantic affection, intimacy, and sexuality become sacred experiences that your soul will always only desire to experience within the most amazing and pure form. This creates love that is magical in every moment, faithful in every way, and unlimited beyond your dreams.

Faithful Just Is

Higher Love asks us to seek self-love and wholeness so that we can be the best version of ourselves for ourselves, and for who we love. When you are whole within yourself, you have no need to use intimacy or affection as a way to try to get validation or attention, to try to fill an emptiness within you, to act out pain, or to simply satisfy a physical need, so there is no desire to experience intimacy in any other way than in true love, or with anyone other than the beautiful soul you were created to share true love with. In true love, faithful just is. It's natural, it's certain, it's effortless, and it's who you are. It's unshakeable, unwavering, and it's the only thing that is, that has ever been, and ever will be true. And it's not just true in actions, it's true in thoughts, in feelings, in desires, and in every bit of your energy… it truly is body, mind, and spirit.  So when you have chosen true love, where intimacy and sexuality are sacred, they can never simply be physical or emotional experiences you can act out with different characters who can be interchanged. Your desires for intimacy and sexuality are magical and God given desires that are born within your soul from the connection with, and solely and specifically for the one your soul loves. So things like jealousy, lack of trust, desire for others, and infidelity, they just don't exist. Everything and anything you could ever possibly desire or dream of can be experienced with and through your soulmate, without any limits, and you can both love without fear, and explore freely through the trust that love creates.

“The best love is the one that makes you a better person,
without changing you into someone other than yourself.”


You Will Both Have And Be Everything You Dream Of

Sacred Love, Twin FlamesAll that is needed for both of you to have everything you dream of in love, is for each of you to step into your most beautiful truth and be who you dream to be. You and your soulmate are perfectly created for each other, so the person you dream to be, will be the most perfect soul they could ever dream to be with. And when you have both stepped into the most beautiful truth of your souls, everything either of you could possibly desire comes from the purest place inside your souls, and every desire you could have is filled and exceeded by the other simply being who they are. There is no need for either person to change or to control the other, you are created to naturally and effortlessly make perfect love possible for each other by simply being the best you. And true love is kinetic and eternal, and you're meant to keep growing and expanding so you can both evolve into more beautiful versions of yourselves. That's the gift of eternal love, it invites you to infinitely explore all of the beautiful shades, and colors, and layers of each other. And any growth you have will always be perfectly in harmony with the energy of your twin flame's journey. When you have stepped in your truth, your core energy always stays true, so change and growth are expansions of that truth within you, not differences from it, and any growth either soul has will always expand your love for each other, not ever lessen it or abandon it. Love wants you to be and have everything you dream, love wants you to be loved for being you. In true love, all that each soul ever truly needs to do is embody and radiate their soul spark, and love the other for who they are, and everything each soul can ever dream will be and flow naturally from that love.

It's About Love

It took me along time to sort why I've always been so saddened and confused by human relationships, but I finally came to understand that it's because the relationships people use the word “love” for are actually relationships based on things like need, survival, lack, validation, avoidance, dependence, karmic patterns, and fear. Relationships are viewed as an external experience they try to fill their empty spaces with, fit themselves into, define themselves by, distract themselves with, act out their internal issues in, or avoid being alone in. That's why people see relationships as hard work, because the energy at the core of these kinds of relationships is needing from each other, taking from each other, using each other, causing pain to each other, changing who they are, trying to change the other person, or trying to find their sense of self in something outside of themselves… so energy is drained and restricted and distorted.  When you find true love inside of yourself, then your relationships shift from being external experiences you try to fill yourself with or find yourself in, to your relationships being external appreciations of who you truly are. You become free to create relationships purely with the purpose of sharing love. So rather than needing and taking and acting out pain on each other, the energy between you can be things like celebrating each other, honoring each other, adoring each other, giving freely to each other, and just loving each other.

Dreams Of Love

For most of my life I've felt like the world's concepts of “love” have been pushed on me as all that there is to believe in, so I have spent most of this journey afraid to speak my own dreams of love out loud. When I see the way relationships are, thoughts and feelings of what I dream of instead always naturally rise up in me, but then I immediately feel this fear as if I'm dong something wrong just by thinking these thoughts or wishing these wishes. The fear I feel manifests as judgment from other people, as experiences in my reality that vividly contradict what my heart wants, and as evidence all around me that says the love I dream of just doesn't exist. I've come to believe that all of that is just fear trying to keep me from believing in love. But often times what I let it do is, I let it quiet my voice, and then I internalize that fear into doubt and I question my own heart.

Twin Flames, Soulmate LoveFor me, this is the big crossroads of the twin flame journey… to believe in what I dream of even when the world around me gives me every reason not to. One of the first steps in believing, is letting myself know that it's ok to believe. It's been a bit of a battle for me to grasp that I don't need permission to feel what I feel, and I don't need validation from anything outside of myself to believe that the love I want is real. So one of the things I've done to overcome the fear I feel is I write out my dreams of love in a journal. It's my way of “speaking” my dreams out loud, and telling fear that it can't keep me from honoring the truth in my soul. Usually I just write words and phrases that capture the kinds of things that the love I dream of is made of. I let myself write whatever comes from my heart, whatever feels beautiful to me, and I write it all out without judgment and without limits… no matter if there isn't a single other person in the world who believes it's valid or possible, I let it be valid and possible for me. My intention with what I write comes not from a place of trying to control specifics, or dictate how I want another person to be, but instead, it's allowing the most authentic dreams in my heart of the kind of love I wish to give, receive, and experience, to come into the light and be honored.

I want to share the kinds of things I dream of here to maybe inspire you to allow yourself to write your own dreams of love out. All you need is a journal, a pen, and an open heart. You can find all kinds of writing journals HERE.

What I share here is just for inspiration, so whatever you write doesn't have to look anything like what I dream of. Write whatever your own heart dreams of, write without judging yourself or limiting yourself to what other people desire, and let it be a way to allow the truth of your soul to freely flow out of you and be honored without fear.

  • Romantic
  • Sweet
  • Respectful
  • Kind
  • Tender
  • Caring
  • Cherishing
  • Healthy
  • Balanced
  • Patient
  • Honorable
  • Honest
  • Trusting and trustworthy
  • Genuine and authentic
  • Pure and true
  • The energy of perfect love in every thought, feeling, and action
  • Passionate
  • Affectionate
  • Inspiring
  • Spiritual
  • Magical
  • Full of butterflies
  • Exciting
  • Adventurous
  • Creative
  • Playful
  • Fun
  • Full of surprises
  • Always feels and is brand new
  • Intense attraction and magnetic chemistry
  • Independent and freeing
  • Always honors, allows, and celebrates each of our individual journeys
  • Effortlessly and eternally faithful in body, mind, and spirit in every moment, and in every part of our energy
  • Connects us to and celebrates the most beautiful truth of Source… God… Love
  • Sacred sexuality and incredibly magical intimacy in every touch and every experience
  • Divine masculine and feminine energy perfectly embodied, balanced, and honored
  • Always connected from the core of our souls through time, space, distance, experiences, and realities
  • Infinite, eternal, and unlimited
  • Constantly renewing and rediscovering
  • Ever expanding and growing
  • The most free and most connected two souls can be all in one
  • Inspires, honors, and celebrates the most beautiful truth of each of our souls
  • Allows us both the freedom to do and be everything we can ever dream of

One day, you will learn how to give and receive love
like an open window, and it will feel like summer every day.
One day, everything will make sense.”

Sierra DeMulder

Being And Allowing True Love

I believe that higher love is at it's core, about authentically being you, and being loved for being you. We are not meant to have to try to change one another, or in any way have to manipulate our connections to experience the love we dream of. Love is not meant to be work, or effort… love is naturally all of the most incredible things you can ever imagine! Love is meant to be an overflowing and overwhelmingly beautiful appreciation of what truly is within us. It's found not by seeking love “out there”, but by going within to find self-love and love from God or Source, and then embodying and radiating that love as who you are. And when you live from that place, there's no need to change or fix or fill anything, because in true love souls are created perfectly for each other, so when both souls are living their most beautiful truth from within, what they both want in love just flows naturally from the other. So to truly give love and to be truly loved, you only need to be love and be you, and allow the true love that was created just for you, to come to you, and when it does, be love and be you, and share that love from within you back to the one giving you love. No work, no pain, no struggles… just being you, and giving and receiving love, and having everything you dream of.